Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Revealed - The Book That Was Thrown At Obama

The Book That Was Thrown At Obama
So here it is - the book that was hurled at President Obama at Philadelphia this weekend.

How To Become Wise is the magnum opus of Sajid Ali Khan, a New York antiques dealer and self-styled 'wisdom coach', who was briefly held by Secret Servicemen after the incident on Sunday. He was later released after being dismissed as simply "an over exuberant fan".

It's a shame the President didn't pick up the book which Khan claims landed some distance from the President's feet.  If he had, he would have enjoyed such pearls of wisdom as:
- Treat your spouse as the Nobel Prize of your life, feeling proud, honored, loved, and respected in being at her/his service. If you do not treat her/him like this, then put your mind to work on your brain and ask yourself what is wrong.
- Learn from the mind and body training of Tiger Woods. Tiger Wood’s dad did not tell Tiger, ‘You are the best’. He did not develop a phony confidence in Tiger Woods. He made him become the best through learning and practice, learning and practice, learning and practice and more learning and practice. Tiger Wood’s confidence comes from being a champion and not from a phony self-image of being a champion. 
 If you really want to read more of this stuff, there's plenty here.

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