Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Obama Book Tosser Says His Throw Was 'Guided by Jesus'

Sajid Khan, the "over-exuberant" fan who threw a book perilously close to President Obama in Philadelphia last weekend, claims his throw was "guided by Jesus". Khan, a self-styled "wisdom coach" who also owns a New York antiques store, was arrested by Secret Servicemen on Sunday after a copy of his book How To Become Wise landed within feet of the President. Today, at a loopy community page at Google's knol, he has been ranting at the media coverage of what he claims was not a "cheap publicity stunt" but an attempt to "wake up the President". He also describes how after using his "medium powers" and calling on Jesus, he watched his book transform into a "bird fluttering its wings". With friends like these Obama...

What is this world coming to? Anytime anyone takes advantage of the world stage all that we assume is the selfish reasons behind the act. All this talk of me trying a cheap publicity stunt are a reflection of what we have become as humans. If you look at my history all I have tried to do is try to wake up President Obama to the fact that trying to fix regular intelligence education will not improve much the real mess in education. The real mess is in emotional intelligence education which is more or less neglected. All this race to the top money is again going to find ways to again invest money in improving math and science while the bigger problem is the lack of emotional intelligence education. I have handed the President some of my articles, which I am sure he must have read.

This time too my plan was to hand him my book, 'How to become wise'. I was one fence too much away from where I could hand over the book. In fact the fence was open at one stage and many people walked over to the nearer fence. I asked the secret service officer, I said that some people were walking over to the first fence and if I could do the same. He was quite sharp and he said no I couldn't go because I was chatting up with all the VIPs and sharing my thoughts and showing my book. He said I might try to distract the President. So I had no other way. I had to take my chances. I did not think of the publicity, and I thought I had the nod from the Vice President. So I thought how should I throw it. If I just tossed the book at the body level there were three secret service officers right in front of me. They would certainly block the book from landing on the stage. So I said let me see how I should do this. I decided to throw it high up in the air and I aimed it about 10' from the Vice President. I said as long as the book lands on the stage it will be mission accomplished. I dare not throw it at his body level so I aimed it away from him, towards the empty part of the stage.

The throw was definitely magical. I combined my experience as a googly bowler, and a Frisbee thrower. I threw it straight up and it was almost coming straight down, I focused on my medium powers by praying to Jesus and at one stage you can see the book looks like a bird fluttering its wings. Midway the book seems to have started flapping its pages and it opened up like a paper plane, changed direction and floated over like a paper plane to within 4 feet of the Vice President! I actually missed my target spot of 10' away but I kept my margin of error with in perfection!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Revealed - The Book That Was Thrown At Obama

The Book That Was Thrown At Obama
So here it is - the book that was hurled at President Obama at Philadelphia this weekend.

How To Become Wise is the magnum opus of Sajid Ali Khan, a New York antiques dealer and self-styled 'wisdom coach', who was briefly held by Secret Servicemen after the incident on Sunday. He was later released after being dismissed as simply "an over exuberant fan".

It's a shame the President didn't pick up the book which Khan claims landed some distance from the President's feet.  If he had, he would have enjoyed such pearls of wisdom as:
- Treat your spouse as the Nobel Prize of your life, feeling proud, honored, loved, and respected in being at her/his service. If you do not treat her/him like this, then put your mind to work on your brain and ask yourself what is wrong.
- Learn from the mind and body training of Tiger Woods. Tiger Wood’s dad did not tell Tiger, ‘You are the best’. He did not develop a phony confidence in Tiger Woods. He made him become the best through learning and practice, learning and practice, learning and practice and more learning and practice. Tiger Wood’s confidence comes from being a champion and not from a phony self-image of being a champion. 
 If you really want to read more of this stuff, there's plenty here.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Revealed - The Man Who Threw A Book At Obama

The man who threw a book at Obama in Philadelphia yesterday is a New York antiques dealer called Sajid Ali Khan.

Sajid Khan - The Obama Book Thrower
Rather bizarrely given that he was arrested for it, he’s written a web posting celebrating, what he has called, his day of “daring, courage and lunacy”.

Khan, a self-styled 'wisdom coach', who scribbles furiously online about why “wisdom is a fragrance of the brain”, “why the man’s sperm is tiny while the woman’s egg is huge” and - a particular bugbear - "why horniness is a 24/7 epidemic that must be stopped" was trying to get a copy of a book containing all his musings in front of Obama.

On a rather eccentric community page at google’s knol platform, Khan describes what happened himself.

“Usually I am able to place myself at a point where I can shake the hand of the President and talk to him. This time I was one fence away so there was no way I could speak to him. There was five rows of people between me and the President. I was still about 10' away from him. So I held up my book and as soon as he looked at me I tilted the book to show him that I wanted to give it to him. I did it a few times when he looked towards my direction. The President is extremely intelligent and is always looking for new ideas so I could see that he took several good looks at the book. But he did not say anything. I realized that it was going no where.”
Instead he tried to target Vice President Biden.
“So I tried to focus on Vice President Biden. I tried to jester (sic) towards him, I kind of felt that he did not mind my throwing it to him. So I threw the book towards his feet. The book almost floated in a magical curve. I thought it would land off the stage but it floated and landed in front of the Vice President. I made a V sign and gave him a thumbs up and he enjoyed the whole episode and was smiling and gave me back a thumbs up. As if saying he got it.” 
It was then, however, that the Secret Service intervened.
“Soon I was surrounded by the secret service. I was interrogated by a few officers. They said it is a very serious crime to throw an object at the President of the United States, even if it is a book and I am to be locked up till they made sure I meant no harm. However the Chief Officer was very professional and I told him if the Vice President welcomed my behavior then how come it is a crime. Anyway one officer ran a background check and he finally said that my record is clean and that I am good. I explained to the chief officer the whole idea how I need to take my work to the President. He said that this is not the way. I talked to him for over an hour. He said that according to procedure he will file a report and send it with the book to the White House. Then he let me go with a warning that if I did anything like this again I would be banned from any future rallies.”